What’s Your Exit Strategy?


Small business owners who seek to maximize the return on their life’s investment need to have an exit strategy for their business.

If you’ve been running your company for years, you have only four ways out:

  1. 1.Shut it down when you give up.

  2. 2.Run it until you die. 

  3. 3.Sell it and get on with your life.

  4. 4.Pass it on to your family or your employees. 

Easy decision?  Not as easy as it looks.

Selling a business is not the same as running a business. And it’s nothing like selling a building or equipment.

The toughest thing for most entrepreneurs to visualize is what the business looks like without them in the picture.  A key goal is to position the company to be ready to run smoothly after the deal is done.

The process requires soul searching about the goals of the owners and a frank assessment of the way the organization appears from the outside.  Owners very often have key job functions, and to potential buyers their jobs can seem critical.  Nobody wants to buy a company where the brains of the operation will be leaving.

Helping you come up with a plan to get you out of your old job is what I love to do.  Your new job is to get the company sold; nothing else.  It’s hard, and only you can do it.  I can help you get moving in the right direction.


Why you need my help as much as you need these people:

Helping small business entrepreneurs / owners maximize their company’s value by making it more attractive to potential buyers

Broker or Investment Banker

A broker or investment banker may be an expert in locating financial and institutional buyers and in selling your deal. But only some types of businesses need one.  He or she isn’t likely to know much about operating a business like yours, and isn’t the best person to help you position your organization for your exit. I am.

Corporate Attorney
You’ll need a skilled lawyer to help you with the difficult process of contract negotiation and looking out for your interests.  But he or she probably can’t guide you in the careful business planning and decision making you need well before finding a buyer. 
I can.

You’ll need your accountant’s complete, accurate financial statements to present your company in a clear, understandable way to potential buyers.  But your accountant is not likely to be skilled in preparing a business like yours for a transition.

You need your business to perform and have your financials and historical information tell your story that will show your business in a positive light... and do it well before you are ready to sell.

I’ll show you how.

I started my first business when I was 23, and in the following 30 years my business operations included electronics manufacturing, multi-store retail, extensive importing, and wholesale distribution in addition to consumer catalog and extensive web commerce. 

A trusted advisor who had been through the process of selling his business finally made me realize that I needed an exit strategy.  It still took me 5 years of hard work to pull it together.

I can help you achieve your goals.  Don’t wait.

Contact me for a confidential conversation: tim@timgieseler.com

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